Artist Biography

In the basement of my childhood home, I utilized a tornado shelter as my art studio. I was thrilled to display my creations on the cement block walls. But, as a lot of children do, I got busy with other endeavors. Eventually, I earned a degree in interior design and had a successful career. Then a cancer diagnosis set me back. Art became a healing outlet for me and I realized how much I missed having art as an active part of my life. In 2020, just before the pandemic hit, I rented a studio space and once again said YES! to art. I haven’t looked back!

Mary Bamborough

With my art, I strive to capture the joy and magic of a particular place, person, or animal, and to inspire the viewer to see beyond reality. Although I use traditional materials, I combine them in a unique way to prompt the viewer to discover beauty in the unusual.

Art Exhibitions


Art Prize, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sweetwaters Solo Show

Dorè Art Collective, When It’s Quiet Exhibition

FACES OF COLLAGE online exhibit and book, Collage-Lab

Food Story group exhibition,

Moss Piglet Art and Literature Journal cover art

Uppercase Magazine, Canada, Issue #56

Corewell Health 2023 Calendar December Art



ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Contemporary Collage Magazine, England, Issue #11

Lowell Arts “U-Create” Gallery Show, Lowell, Michigan

Festival of the Arts Regional Arts Exhibition

Quebec Collage “Look Around” Virtual Exhibition, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Vayo Collage “Todo y Nada” Gallery Show, Rochester, New York

Lodger Gallery “Light of Day” Virtual Exhibition, Kansas City, Missouri

International Society of Experimental Artists Exhibition, Van Singel Fine Arts Center, Byron Center, Michigan

Lowell Arts “Worldview: Art Inspiring Art” Gallery Show, Lowell, Michigan



Corbeaux Magazine, September cover art

Edward A. Dixon Gallery “JOY (This is Just What I Needed!)” Virtual Exhibition, Dayton, Ohio

Spectrum School of the Arts and Gallery Show, Racine, Wisconsin

Corbeaux Magazine, July Issue

ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, Michigan

International Society of Experimental Artists “Making Our Marks” Virtual Exhibition

Vayo Collage “Compression” Gallery Show, Rochester, NY

Lowell Arts “Getaway” Gallery Show, Lowell, Michigan

Greetings From Ferkelburg Zine Cover Art



Moss Piglet Zine Cover Art

Lowell Arts “New & You” Gallery Show, Lowell, Michigan

Grand Rapids Public Museum Coronavirus Permanent Archive, Grand Rapids, Michigan



Corewell Health Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion “A Journey” Art Show, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Action Art Exhibit, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Memberships and Communities

Fulton Street Artisans Market

The International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA)

Kolaj International Directory of Contemporary Collage Artists

Paris Collage Collective

Corewell Health Expressive Arts Group

Vayo Collage Gallery